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Information for users on how to handle used electrical and electronic equipment

The symbol of the crossed-out wheeled waste container placed on the products indicates that the used electrical and electronic equipment may not be disposed of with municipal waste. By throwing electro-waste into the container, you pose a threat to the environment.

By segregating and handing over for processing, recovery, recycling and disposal of used electrical and electronic devices, you protect the environment against pollution and contamination, you contribute to reducing the use of natural resources and lowering the production costs of new devices.

Waste electrical and electronic equipment from households, with any of the dimensions not exceeding 25 cm, may be returned without the need to purchase new equipment in retail trade units with an area of ​​at least 400 m2 dedicated to the sale of equipment. If the equipment contains batteries, please note that the batteries should be disposed of separately in a special container.

A user who intends to get rid of a product with larger dimensions is obliged to return waste electronic or electrical equipment to a waste equipment collection point. Collection points are run, among others by wholesalers and retailers of this equipment and by municipal organizational units operating in the field of waste collection.

The above statutory obligations were introduced in order to reduce the amount of waste generated from waste electrical and electronic equipment and to ensure an appropriate level of collection, recovery and recycling of waste equipment. The correct implementation of these obligations is important especially when the waste equipment contains hazardous components that have a particularly negative impact on the environment and human health.

In this way, each of us can participate in the process of reusing raw materials and support a program for recycling electrical and electronic waste, which can have an impact on the environment and public health. It should be remembered that the correct disposal of the equipment allows you to save valuable resources and avoid negative effects on health and the environment, which may be endangered by inappropriate handling of waste and hazardous components.