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About us


Svendsen Sport is today among the biggest suppliers of fishing tackle in Europe.



In 1977, at the age of just 18, ambitious Danish entrepreneur Lars Erik Svendsen founded Svendsen Sport A/S. In those early days, the company represented many international brands in Denmark, but by the early 1990s Lars decided to create his own fishing brands to give anglers in Scandinavia what they really wanted. Many of these brands would go on to become household names including Savage Gear, Scierra, Prologic, iMax and Ron Thompson. The success of these brands was driven by the smart ideas behind them and by the early 2000s Svendsen Sport had opened up an export business covering more than 10 European countries. In 2003, Lars Svendsen Holding acquired famous German tackle company Deutsche Angelgeräte Manufactur (DAM), putting its brands and Svendsen brands under the same umbrella. Despite challenges such as the financial crash in 2008, the group continued to grow and the brands continued to innovate, impressing anglers around Europe. In 2015, Lars sold the company to one of Denmark’s leading asset management firms Maj Invest. So began a new dawn for Svendsen Sport, which today sees it continue to thrive around the world.

Our values


We have just one simple goal at Svendsen Sport: to make everybody’s fishing experience better. Our passionate team – from fishing fanatics who spend thousands of hours on the water, to the highly skilled professionals at our Denmark headquarters – share a dedication to achieving this goal. This has helped us become one of the biggest and most trusted fishing tackle suppliers in Europe. We are a global business, with a wholly-owned subsidiary company in the USA and a truly international fanbase. This global footprint has enabled us to establish some of the fishing market’s leading and best-loved brands including Savage Gear, Prologic, DAM, Scierra and MADCAT. Whether you are a carp angler, a predator hunter, a fly fisherman or a pleasure angler, Svendsen Sport speaks your language and pours pure dedication into every single product we make. Your passion is our profession.

A true house of innovation


Innovation is in our DNA at Svendsen Sport. We don’t just make fishing tackle products; we push the boundaries to bring our fishing family new and smarter ways to enjoy their pastime. Our pioneering products have set new standards in every discipline of the sport. Examples include the invention of 3D scan technology and Line Thru designs on Savage Gear lures, the WaterWolf HD underwater camera, Prologic’s high-spec Fulcrum bite alarms, the fast-growing Savage Gear saltwater collection of unique lures and rods, and the MADCAT A-STATIC catfishing range. As proof of our innovative culture, since 2010 Svendsen Sport brands have been recognised with more than 40 international awards at two of the industry’s biggest trade events, ICAST and EFTTEX.


Svendsen Sport is not only an innovator in product development but also in digital communication. Our brands are consistently spearheading new ways to connect with anglers, resulting in more than 4,000,000 followers on social media. We have also transformed how we interact with trade customers with the introduction of an online partner platform. We are never content with the present; we are always looking for how we can improve things for the future.

A partnership for the future


Our goal is not simply to be a supplier of fishing tackle products, but to become the preferred partner of our retailers, suppliers and end consumers. We tailor our business to the partners we work with, so we can grow together in a profitable and sustainable way – whether that’s online or in person, for small transactions or large orders, for customised products or well-known best-sellers. We want to deepen our connections with our customers for today and tomorrow. Significant continuous improvements to our processes help us in achieving this goal every day.With a focus on transparency, integrity, and results we are open to new levels of cooperation that can benefit everyone in the fishing tackle industry. Partnering with us could be the smartest thing you ever do for your business.

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