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As a customer of Svendsen Sports, you can place an order when it suits you and get all relevant information. All in one place!


Step by step guide to reset your password


Before you get started you need to find your Svendsen Sport customer number (the same as you used to log in at,
and the e-mail address that you use for this account.


If you do not know your customer number, please contact to get access.

Step 1


Type in the e-mail address that you use for your account and click “Email me reset instructions”.



Step 2


You should now receive the “Password recovery” e-mail in your inbox where you can click on the “Reset password” button.


If you have multiple accounts attached to your e-mail address you will receive a “Password recovery” e-mail for each of these accounts.



After clicking on "Reset password" you may be redirected to a warning page with the message that the next page is 'Potentially Harmful'. You can safely click on the link next to “Original web address”. The reason for this warning is that our e-mail system hasn’t yet “learned” that this URL is safe.

Step 3


After clicking on “Reset password” you will get redirected back to the Partner Platform site.


Here you will need to type in a new password twice and click “Change password”.



In the “Change password” success box you need to click on “Sign in”.


Step 4


Success! You can now log on to the new Partner Platform at Svendsen Sport.